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  • "I like the School very much. The people is very nice and the teachers too. Besides you can drink free coffe. I have two teachers, an American teacher and a Scottish teacher. If I go back here, I'll come to this school. Thank you for all. Isabel Rego, Spain.


"I enjoyed the very friendly atmosphere of Capital School of English. It was a rewarding learning and cultural experience. Thank you!" Pauline Schwartz, France.

"...I would like to thank all of you for helping me to impove my English Language. I am always telling my friends here about the school and Edinburgh. For me, it was an unforgettable time." Harab Al-Ghadafi, Libya.

"I really enjoyed studying here: good teachers, friendly staff. I also met good friends here and this is thanks to you. I've learned a lot here. Thank you!" Marion Baude, France.

"Ispent two months happy life here. It is true that I studied so much here, not only improve my English. It will be my pleasure if I had the chance to come back to this school" Liuxin Hao, China.

"The school is very good! The office staff are very kind and helpful; the teachers are pleasant and well qualified, the environment is very friendly. I would suggest all my friends to go there! I had a great time with Capital School of English" Cecilia Cinelli, Italy.

"I had a great time in this school and Edinburgh. Gerry, the principal, always took care of me, and the teachers as well. I felt comfortable every day. Thank you for everything!!" Yoko Fukamatsu, Japan.

"This is the most friendly school I've ever been. Here I've found not only great professional teachers who are always ready to help to you, but also a unique warmy atmosphere to learn English. Personally, I think that it represents a perfect combination somewhat difficult to find". Arantxa Cabezon, Spain.

"Very good atmosphere and helpful teachers. Small learning groups, good value for your money. It is a small school which helps you to learn English very quickly". Sibylle Deutsch, Germany.

"I really enjoyed my study here. The school offers an opportunity for me to learn natural English and understand the different cultures from diverse countries". Zhiguang Zhu, China.

"What I like about this school is the methodology and the teachers, they are very organised and that what students need to improve their English level, and the number of the students helps me aswell. I think it is just perfect place to learn more and more about every English Language skills. Faras El Gharyani, Libya.

"I have been for 9 months at this school, and it has been a great experience. It was fantastic the great combination of learning English and above all the nice friendly atmosphere. This has been a life experience. I'll never forget my friends and teacher". Marisol Maydana, Bolivia.

"I enjoy studying English here because of the teachers, classmates and school activities. The class is not too big so I can speak English a lot. My English improves more and more when I study here". Warunee Chanchakornsawat, Thailand.

"Everybody is nice, friendly and polite, you can find optimistic people here and in a very friendly environment" Iwona Klepka, Poland.

"I enjoy this school. The class is small, good quality teachers and friendly director, I also like the free coffee and tea" Kazuya Notsu, Japan.

"I had a really good time in this school. The environment is friendly, I felt free to do and to say everything, the price is competitive and I improved my language skills. Thank you!! Mirte and Daniel are the best teachers I have ever had!!". Manuela Di Falco, Italy.

"The people here is friendly, the principal, the teachers, the students, everyone is kind. I have also improved my English a lot here. It's a good school for me and for everyone". Yu wen Chou, Taiwan.

"I enjoyed studying here very much. All the teachers are very kind and helpful, they are very skillful with a wide knowledge to teach us. I really thank all the teachers who gave me help. Thank you very much". Bo Liu, China.

"I looked at many schools before, I found this one and I'm very happy that I did! It is small but has a great atmosphere and my English improved a lot in my time here!" Antonio Brito, Spain.

"Thank you very much for being so friendly. You are the perfect combination: friendliness and professionalism. You are always ready to help and not just with English" Virginia Valdez.

"I really enjoy studying in the school as a full-time student. I thought that it has really helped me to improve my English level." Meiling Chen, China.

"Great, lovely and charming teachers, I wish it was in my city; that would be perfect. I will come back for sure". Laura Visiers, Spain.